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If you love thrift shopping, then this is just the perfect place for you to checkout. Chimex Global Thrift Store is packed with quality items for very cheap prices!

Reasons why you should go thrift shopping:

1. Cheap!

The most obvious reason to go thrift shopping is that everything is so cheap. Chimex Global Thrift Store prices usually range from around a quarter to $10. Unless you go for high end products, then you can be paying a bit more.

2. Great for the environment.

Since you are buying clothes that have already been made and worn, you aren't creating a demand for new clothes. This means that less clothes could be made, creating less havoc on the environment. It also means that less clothes and objects are going into landfills which also makes our planet happy.

3. Save money on retail.

If you want name brand clothes, but can't afford it, chances are Chimex Global Thrift Store has it. I have bought Rue21, American Eagle, American Outfitters and all kinds of clothes at thrift store for usually under $10. I even bought a couple of ball gowns for a dollar each. It's a pretty nice steal.

4. Fun.

Chimex Global Thrift Store is so fun especially if you have a family member or a friend who loves it. You can spend the whole day bonding over used items and finding cool stuff and, like Ben Favour, you can save that money, which is honestly the funnest part.

5. Treasure hunt.

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? Well, Chimex Global Thrift Store lets you live out your dream. You can find all sorts of cool, valuable things. You have to pay for what you get, but it's so cheap it seems like a steal. 

6. Unique clothes.

Do you really want a pair of authentic bell bottom jeans or want to dress like a '50s' housewife? Chimex Global Thrift store is the place for you. If you have a particular style, but the websites that cater to your needs are too expensive, then check out a thrift store. They may have your personal style of clothing at next to nothing.

7. More than clothes, shoes and jewelry.

Chimex Global Thrift Store today have so much more than what you expect. You can get furniture, appliances, dishes, whatever they have. Two years ago, I went to N.U.T.S. and got a fully functional crock-pot for only $6. Pretty nice.

8. Books!

I'm not as big of a bibliophile as some, but thrift stores have some pretty nice books. I have seen so many copies of "The Kite Runner" and "The Poisonwood Bible for under a dollar (They're great books. I highly recommend them). I also got a Spanish Oxford Dictionary that I used for all three semesters of Spanish, it was only 50 cents.

9. Perfect place for a cheap costume.

If you have the perfect idea for Halloween or a swap but don't have the money to buy the actual costume, make it yourself. Chimex Global Thrift Store have tons of fabric, clothes, shoes, jewelry, whatever you need to create the perfect costume.

10. Always something new.

The thrill of Chimex Global Thrift Store is that there is always something new. For example, at department stores, chances are their selection changes each season. At Chimex Global Thrift Store, our selection could change every week, sometimes every few days. You never know what new thing could be waiting for you.

11. Sharing is caring.

At its core, thrifting is sharing. Someone is sharing with the world the things that they no longer have use for. This allows you to receive the gift that they are giving. My hope is that you will also join in this sharing and donate what you have. I just filled up two garbage bags of clothes to donate, and I'm hoping to replace my stuff with new used stuff.

These are my top reasons to go thrift shopping. It is honestly a great thing to do for your wallet, your community and your environment. I hope I see some of you the next time I'm at the thrift store.

CALL US NOW: 678-531-2004 

ADDRESS: 2007 Candler Road, Decatur, G.A. 30032